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Why Choose Us? The Benefits of an Independent Optometrist?

Traralgon Independent Optometrist


You may not realise it, but there are key differences when visiting an independent optometrist:

  1. Personalised Care:
    • We allow up to 40 minutes for our comprehensive eye examinations which enables us to provide more personalised and one-on-one care.
  1. A Wide Range of Services on Offer:
    • As independent optometrists, we offer a range of services including comprehensive eye exams, complicated contact lens fittings, and management of eye diseases.
  1. Stronger Doctor-Patient Relationships:
    • Independent optometrists have more opportunities to build strong doctor-patient relationships with the ability to recall patients for reviews regularly if needed.
    • We are committed to providing personalised ongoing care for our patients as needed and manage vision problems accordingly.
  1. Specialised care for our patients:
    • Our Optometrists are always seeking to understand the very latest in treatment & technology available. Continuing their education, so that they are able to provide more in-depth care in areas such as Paediatric Optometry, Dry eye management and complicated contact lens fittings.
  1. Access to a Wide Selection of Products:
    • Being independent allows us a more comprehensive selection of frames, lens options, contacts, and other vision products. We also receive dedicated support from our suppliers and partners that ensures we have generous warranty terms for our products.
  1. Complimentary Product Servicing and Support:
    • Our team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your glasses. We regularly replace nose pads, make adjustments and provide a deep clean to our patients’ spectacles, completely complimentary!
  1. Support for Your Local Optometrist:
    • Visiting an independent optometrist helps support local businesses and contributes to the local economy.

At Kay Street Eyecare your eye health is of the utmost importance to us, and we will develop a care management plan to suit your needs. Our friendly dispensing team are here to help you with your frame selection and provide you with the best possible customer care available.

If you have concerns about your eye health or are looking for a more comprehensive approach to your vision care, please book an appointment online here.


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