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Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Vision Examination

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CASA Eye Examination

Dr. Michael Tran is a CASA accredited optometrist.

What Is Involved During An Aviation Eye Examination?
One hour is set aside for the eye examination. The eye test compromises a full assessment of vision, spectacle refraction, binocular vision and co-ordination, peripheral vision and ocular health assessment.

Will Any Drops Be Used?
YES. As part of your assessment, expect to have your pupils dilated, which will temporarily make your eyes more glare sensitive and can blur vision for a few hours. Bring a pair of sunglasses and arrange for someone to drive you home after your appointment as outside light makes it difficult to drive.

What Is Needed?
Please bring photo ID (e.g. drivers licence) and ARN.

If required to wear glasses, please bring your main pair & backup pair.

$300 (not claimable through Medicare)

Results will be automatically submitted electronically.

For more information, please visit the Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority.