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Foreign Body Removal

Our Optometrists at Kay Street Eyecare are all qualified in the removal of foreign objects from the eyes. This includes metal, wood, glass and more. Corneal anaesthesia is used in the process of foreign body removal to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible and objects or rust removed with special tools.

Foreign material can become lodged on the cornea or conjunctiva of the eye. This can occur through working with grinding tools, gardening or simply by chance carrying out regular daily tasks. Generally, this will lead to grittiness and irritation, tearing, redness and if severe, light sensitivity. We highly recommend that you use safety glasses in any situation where your eyes may be at risk of particles flying into the eye (see our range of safety glasses here).

To avoid permanent damage to the eyes or vision loss, it is important to act immediately and have the foreign body removed as soon as possible. We accept emergency appointments and walk-ins so please contact us straight away if you’ve had a foreign object enter your eye.

At Kay Street Eyecare, we are trained in foreign body removal from the eyes and will always do our best to avoid surgery where possible.

If you require immediate attention, please call us on 5174 6788


Pictured below: Foreign Body Removal Kit

Foreign Body Removal Kit Kay Street Eyecare